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When you are in Munnar can you afford to miss trekking? Go for trekking in the nearby hills and explore the wonders of nature. Meet the tribal people and have a look on their way of life. We organize trekking to some of the most breathtaking places so that you can catch the excitement. Across the hills of Munnar there are numerous trekking trails for the hardcore professionals as well as the amateurs. Try trekking and leave behind a memorable trail.


For once, fly like a bird. Try paragliding, the only sport that can make you soar the heights of the sky. At Eastend, you can enjoy this sport as we organize paragliding camps. The thrill, which this sport offers, and the bird’s eye view of the surrounding places have made this sport very popular. Now fly high and make your dream come true.

3.Tent Camping

Live the life of a vagabond. Experience the wild side of Munnar. Enjoy camping in different sites with picnic tables, waterspouts, and fire pits. Cuddle up around a bonfire; sip a cup of hot drink and when it is over snuggle inside your cozy tent. Fall asleep to the lullaby of the crickets and wake up to the twitter of the birds. At Eastend we make camping a luxury affair because our amenities are right down the path. Take pleasure in hot showers and indulge in a roster of fun activities.

4.Rainbow Trout Fishing

Another exciting outdoor activity of Munnar is the trout fishing. It is a very popular sport and the Gravel banks a famed place for it. The pristine reams here are paradise for anglers. Catch the trout by using various methods and various types of fly. Smoked trout is a local delicacy.


Munnar has wonderful Rock Climbing and Rappling opportunities with steep rock faces of 100 ft and more. Enthusiasts can enjoy the special thrills of rappelling through the meandering mists hugging the cliff faces. Eastend's expert professionals will provide you with the proper apparels and tools and will guide you through the process all the way.

6.Tea Museum

Think about Munnar and the image, which conjures in your mind, is that of the verdant tea plantations. When we sip a cup of piping hot tea many a question comes in our mind. Pay a visit to the Tea Museum built by the India conglomerate Tata. It houses various curios, photographs, and machineries of the bygone era. It is set up at the Nallathanni Estate of Tata Tea.

You can satiate your curiosity on the different stages of tea processing, and about the production of different types of tea. Some of the antique items on display at the museum are the original tea roller, the Rotorvane, of 1905, which was used for CTC type tea processing. The Pelton Wheel used in the power generation plant that existed in the Kanniamallay Estate in the 1920s and the rail engine wheel of the Kundale Valley Light Railway that transported men and material between Munnar and Top Station during the first half of the 19th century, are favorites among visitors.