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Places to visit

There is no doubt that the landscapes of Munnar are capable of fascinating anyone, but there are many more attractive places situated close by that are not to be missed if you happen to visit Munnar.

1.Eravilulam National Park

This park is very close to Munnar and lies across the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border. It further extends as the Annamalai National Park. It is rich in forest and grasses and was formed as a national park to protect the Nilgiri Tahr, a wild goat that is declared as an endangered species found only in south of the Himalayas. It is also the natural habitat of Atlas Moth, Elephants, Sambhars, Gaurs, Lion-tailed Macaque, Nilgiri Langur, Tigers, and Leopards. Apart from these amazing fauna, the park also has the highest peak in south India, the Anamudi peak; 2,695 m, which is a good trekking, spot.


Situated just seven km from Munnar, this idyllic hill is known for the lush green vegetation and the attractive variety of fauna. In addition to this, the cool mountain breeze will be a rare indulgence for the city-tortured souls. Nearby is a lake, the Sita Devi Lake that is renowned for its mineral waters. The picturesque surroundings make it a good picnic spot.


It is the venue of the first Hydroelectric Project in Kerala and is only eight km from Munnar.


It is a panoramic place with many waterfalls and rolling hills. About nine km from Munnar, it is situated in-between Munnar and Pallivasal. As well as a scenic place, it is an ideal place for long trekking also.


Lake and Dam It is a very popular picnic spot situated about 13 km from Munnar and at an altitude of 1700 meters. Wooded hills and tea plantations surround this area. The panoramic view and cool ambience make this place alluring. This place is surrounded by forests that are perfect for bird watching and trekking.

Many varieties of rare birds are also found here. The thing, which make this place are the numerous small streams and waterfalls running and tumbling around. For enjoying the waters, motor boats and speed launch are available for hire.

6.Mattupetti Swiss Livestock Project Farm

Kerala Livestock Development Board (KLDB) established this project in 1961. Mattupetti means cattle village. It is a highly specialized dairy farm where over a hundred breeds of highly yielding cattle are reared in eleven cattle sheds. Visitors are allowed only into three of the sheds during a fixed time.

You can satiate your curiosity on the different stages of tea processing, and about the production of different types of tea. Some of the antique items on display at the museum are the original tea roller, the Rotorvane, of 1905, which was used for CTC type tea processing. The Pelton Wheel used in the power generation plant that existed in the Kanniamallay Estate in the 1920s and the rail engine wheel of the Kundale Valley Light Railway that transported men and material between Munnar and Top Station during the first half of the 19th century, are favorites among visitors.


One of the major plantation hubs of Munnar, Pothamedu is around 6 km from Munnar town. It is a vantage point from where you can drink in the scenic beauty of the surrounding tea, coffee, and cardamom plantations. The rolling hillsides and lush green mountain with its breathtaking scenery are ideal for trekking and long mountain walks.


About 10 km from Munnar, Chithirapuram is a charming place with sleepy little cottages, bungalows, old playgrounds, and courts, which still exudes an old-world charm due to the colonial rule. It is the home of the Pallivasal Hydel Power Project. This hill town is also famous for its picturesque tea plantations.

9.Lock Heart Gap

Famous for adventure tourism and trekking Lock Heart Gap is only 15 km from Munnar. The fresh mountain air, the mist clad hills and the panoramic view will make your visit a memorable one.


This is the natural habitat of the Nilgiri Tahr, an endangered mountain goat. It is 15 km from Munnar. Today they are reduced to small herds, are found in the Eravikulam-Rajamala region. Here half of their world population is found which is estimated to be 1317.

12.Echo Point

It is on the way to Top Station from Munnar. This place is very picturesque and gets its name from the natural echo phenomenon here. It is around 15 km from Munnar. Power House Waterfalls Only around 18 km from Munnar, this waterfall is on the way to Thekkady. The main attraction is the waterfall that cascades down a steep rock, 2000m above sea level. From this spot the scenic western mountain ranges is easily visible. It is an ideal place to take a break on the way to the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Thekkady.


It is a picturesque town situated about 20 km from Munnar and on the way to Top Station. The Golf Course, which belongs to Tata Tea Ltd., is located here. The Kundala dam is another reason to pay a visit here. Aruvikkad waterfall is also situated nearby.


Pretty far from Munnar i.e. 40 km away, Marayoor is a must-visit because it is the only place in Kerala with the natural growth of sandalwood trees. The sandalwood factory of the forest department, the caves or muniyaras with the murals and relics from the Stone Age civilization and the children's park spread across a hectare of land under the canopy of a single banyan tree, are the major attractions. Hamlets, rocky hills, rivers, brooks, cave temples, paddy and sugar cane fields, waterfalls, bamboo forests are also not to be missed. Thoovanam waterfalls and Rajiv Gandhi National Park are also nearby. Come to Marayoor and experience it. You will agree that it is land of never-ending adventure and beauty.


The Cheeyappara and Valara waterfalls are located between Neriamangalam and Adimali on the Kochi - Madurai highway. These waterfalls are about 10 km from Adimali. The Cheeyappara Falls cascades down in seven steps, which is a real feast for the eyes. Besides that, the rocky landscape makes it is a great place for trekking also. Valara is blessed with numerous waterfalls surrounded by thick green forests. Indeed, it is also a great place to spend few memorable moments.


If you are into trekking, then Meenuli is a great place to be. Its huge rock extends over 500 acres in area with two acres of evergreen forests on it. Get on top of the rock and if it is a cloudless day, you can see the Lower Periyar Area, Bhoothathankettu, and even up to Ernakulam.

17.Thommankuthu Waterfalls

A nature lover's delight, Thommankuthu Waterfalls is 16 km from Thodupuzha. The main attraction is that the place has 24 stages of waterfalls starting from a height of 5000 ft., above sea level. Throughout the year tourists, throng the waterfall. The best way to enjoy the panoramic beauty of the waterfalls is to take a trek to the top of the mountains. From here, you can view the breathtaking sight and savor truly unforgettable moments.

18.Malankara Reservoir

This reservoir is just 6 km from Thodupuzha. It is an artificial lake formed as part of the Muvattupuzha Valley Irrigation Project. One of the important irrigation projects of Kerala; it is a remarkable place to savor the splendour of nature. A true favourite with nature lovers the beauty of the surroundings is sure to overwhelm anyone.

19.Anayirangal Dam

It is an ideal one-day picnic spot situated 22 km from Munnar. The striking aspect of this place is that lush green carpets of tea plantations and evergreen forests surround it. A boat trip on the splendid reservoir is something you should never miss if your get a chance to come here.