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At Lakesong you can enjoy world-class facilities which include telephone, wi-fi, doctor on call, satellite TV, money exchange, pick-up from arrival point, 24 hrs hot and cold running water, hot water laundry, to name a few. Besides that, if you are looking for some entertainment activities there are provisions for playing indoor as well as outdoor games. A multi-gym and a host of indoor sport courts are there so that you can catch the excitement. If you are seeking thrill in outdoors activities then try water games, boat rides, fishing, bird sanctuary visits, and canoe ride in the canals.

In addition there is an AC restaurant, swimming pool, children’s play park, conference hall, snooker parlour, curio shop, to mention a few.

1.Reception & Lobby

At Lakesong, the most breathtaking moment will be when you check in. To your surprise, you will be escorted in a traditional canoe to the reception through the internal canals. It will leave you excited, as it will spare you from the walk after the energy-sapping outing. The reception is adjacent to the mesmerizing lagoon, which is a perfect example of the aristocratic Malabar style architecture. Its ambience will take you to a different world where traditional art was at its zenith.


It is the Indian system of medicine, which originated in India over 5,000 years ago. It literally means knowledge of life. It helps to rediscover health, quality, and elegance of human life. Following this holistic stream, Lakesong Ayurkshethra the Temple of Life brings forth the true concept of ayurveda and Yoga, to help your tired body to recover and invigorate with traditional rejuvenation procedures. Lakesong Ayurkshethra is housed in an elaborate traditional model structure with decorative handcrafted wooden carvings that will take you back in time and heritage.


Lakesong has specialized restaurants catering to the taste of every taste buds. Indian, Kerala, continental, Chinese, Jain, to name a few. Apart from these delicacies, there is a master chef’s special, which is favourite among many.

4.Banquets Hall

There is an Banquets Hall with all modern amenities. Indeed, it is a perfect place to have elaborate parties, employee meetings, or social gatherings. For private parties there is a large open lawn, which is perfect for large parties and wedding receptions.

5.Coffee Shop

It is a great place to relax by sipping a cup of delicious coffee. The main specialty of this Coffee Shop is that it caters a variety of high-grade aromatic coffees. More than that, it is wi-fi enabled which means you can indulge in your personal activities at your leisure moments. Wifi Available

6.Corporate Meetings

The resort has a 300-pax AC conference hall with state-of-the-art communication equipments like high quality PA system, projector, microphones, sound systems, computers to mention a few.

7.Curio Shop

This is a place, which will surely delight you. Browse the artifacts that reflect the traditional artistic grandeur of Kerala. Following the traditional designs and materials, these artifacts are worth buying as it will serve as a souvenir and will remind you of the good days spent in Kerala.

8.Gym & Indoor Sports

To make your stay at Lakesong more energetic there is a state-of-the-art gym where you can tone your body. You can maintain your six-pack or zero figure with ease. To test you stamina and skill there are few indoor sport courts too.

9.Wood Craft

Indian Crafts are renowned worldwide for it artistic intricacies and elegance. The diverse cultural traditions of various ethnic groups, have given a plethora of style and techniques. At Lakesong we’ve followed the theme and concept of traditional home and temple building methods of construction. The filigree and carvings on doors, windows, and ceilings are done by hand and are simply magnificent. The theme is taken from the mythology and the construction methods are of the 18th century. This creates an ambience of the bygone era.

10.Swing Bridge

An innovative bridge used for multiple purposes. If swung to one direction, a boat can pass through it. Swing it to the other direction and it makes a jetty for docking a boat.

11.Pettium Parayum

This is a traditional method used for the movement of water. It originated in Kuttanad region and was hugely popular. It is intended for irrigation purposes. Lakesong uses this traditional method to keep its canals fresh and clean by regular water movement.


It is a mythical dragon commonly found at the entrance in the south Indian Temples. Our Vyali, carved out of a single log of wood is seen standing on an elephant, which depicts power dominance and ferocious loyalty.

13.Thirumeni & Ekshi

The two figurines on the staircase are two characters taken from the local folklore in which the Thirumeni, a Brahmin priest who performs the daily rituals of the temple was returning home from the temple with a vessel full of rice during the dark hours of the night.On his way an Ekshi, a female devil tried to enamor him under the guise of a beautiful woman. Thirumeni was a savant with an in-depth knowledge in Vedas and mantras. He could identify her and did not respond as indented. Ekshi on seeing his demeanor got furious and attacked him. However, his faith, devotion, and knowledge helped him escape unharmed.

13.Swimming Pool

we provide swimming pool with jacuzzi & fresh water.the pools are resided with the vembnadu kayal and it gives you a fresh feeling of nature and the pools have intermediate channels to Vembhanadu kayal.

14.Other Features

Lakesong has a host of facilities which includes AC and non AC restaurants, a huge swimming pool, children’s play park, curio shop, table tennis, badminton & basketball courts, to name a few.